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I attended the neighborhood open house on December 20th which was a celebration for the West Town Chamber of Commerce, River West Neighborhood Association and for special community guests. The Spoke Apartments are beautifully designed with two towers and a driveway that divides the two buildings. There is retail space available in the first floor of the building large enough for a grocery store but, no tenants have been confirmed at this time. The guests of the event enjoyed live holiday music by the Chicago Center for Music and Education. This is a nonprofit organization in the River West community that teaches children to lead more effective lives through music education. Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. made a check presentation of $1,000 to the Chicago Center for Music and Education during the reception.

During the eventing, I was taken on a tour of the building and my tour group was educated about all the local artists works that are featured throughout the common areas of the building.  There are twenty-four artists featured throughout the the building, twelve artists were commissioned to create new site-specific artwork including Aimée Beaubien, William J. O’Brien, Nick Fisher, Dan Gunn, Matthew Hoffman, Cody Hudson, Richard Hull, Chad Kouri, David Lozano, Jason Pickleman, Deb Sokolow, and Alexander Valentine.


The It’s Ok art work featured about was done by public art installation Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman, founder and curator of the “You are Beautiful” project. 

This building has all the bells and whistles including all the apartment amenities that you can think of and you might possibly never have to leave your apartment building in the winter. We toured the Conference room, Music Studio, Family lounge, Yoga room, workout room and spin room.



The photo featured above is the music room and you can watch the big game or your favorite TV show in this room. You could also use the stage in this room to practise your music skills in front of your friends. This space is available for all tenants to enjoy and can be rented out for private parties.

There also is an interactive gaming room that lets you play video games on the big screen against yourself or competition from around the world.  In the warmer months, residents will get to enjoy the rooftop pool and hottub which unfortunately you will have to wait for warmer weather to experience these amenities.  Our tour group also got a peak at a one bedroom apartment that was decorated by West Elm. There were lots of great finishes to this unit that would make any urban dweller happy to call this their home.



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