How to Sell Your Home with a Baby

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As the spring real estate market is starting to heat up, there maybe homeowners who are thinking of selling their home but, are nervous about it because they have young children at home.  I have some great tips on how to prepare your home for showings if you have a baby or young children. Every time there is a showing done on your home, it needs to be as spotless and showroom ready for buyers as possible.

Living Room

If you living room looks like toyland, then you need to do your best to make it look like the living rooms you see in the Crate & Barrel magazines by removing all toys, blankets, and large baby accessories.  This is one of the first rooms that buyers will see and you need to have a good first impression on buyers by having this room look as close to the pictures they viewed online of your property.

Favorite Hiding Places 

I am including some my favorite hiding places I had when I was preparing to sell my home with a baby.  Place stuffed animals and small toys in a laundry hamper but only if it has a lid on it. If you have any extra pillows or a Boppy pillow in the nursery, a great hiding spot for those is behind the gliding rocking chair where no one can see them. Any large toy that can be folded down can be placed under the crib, under the bed in the Master Bedroom or tucked away. The truck of your car is another great hiding spot for any large toys that you don’t want taking up space during a showing of your home.  If you have dirty bottles or glasses, load up your dishwasher to hid them out of sight but don’t run it. Also, if you have any dirty blankets or towels place them in the washing machine at least 2 hours before the showing and let them stay hidden in there. By starting the washing machine in advance of the showing the spin cycle will be finished and won’t make any noises during the showing. Just don’t forget about your wet laundry in the washing machine because you may end up with moldy items. Another way to prepare for a last minute showing is to keep a large plastic bin by the front door and toss all the toys in the bin and take it with you in your car.

Where to go during Showings?

Here are some places you can take a baby or small child while buyers are viewing your home. Take your child for a quick car ride around the block possibly while you are exploring a new neighborhood that you would like to move to next.  If the weather is warm outside, take your child for a walk and go to your local park. If the showing is on the weekend, go to the grocery store, HomeDepot or visit a friend that lives near by.  An educational way to keep your child occupied would be to take them to your local public library and read a few books.

Selling your home with young children may seem like a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end weather your goal is to get more space for your growing family, be closer to extended family or have a yard for kids to play in.

Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast




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