Why Move to Naperville, Illinois?

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I’m Amy Pearson. I’m a local realtor here in Naperville, Illinois and today I’m going to give you my five reasons on why you should consider making a move to Naperville this year. All right but first I’m going to give you a little bit of background information. I am a realtor here in naperville, I grew up here and i’ve decided to raise my daughter here with my husband ​​and these are some of the reasons why I think you should consider possibly making a move to Naperville. I work with buyers, sellers, and renters as well as investors. I have worked with people who live out of state and I have done a lot of great zoom tours for people who don’t live in the area and they can preview the property before they view it in person. Please feel free to reach out to me via email, instagram or you can just give me a call.

Here’s my five reasons: the restaurants in Naperville, the retail scene, the small town vibe, then the top rated public schools and of course the end of summer festival!

Restaurant Scene

The restaurant scene has a wide variety of culinary places you can check out here in the Naperville area. There’s also some restaurants that you can get here in Naperville that are actually in downtown Chicago as well so you don’t need to drive that long drive to Chicago to check out Morton’s Steak, Catch 35, Hugo’s Frog Bar or Fogo de Chao. They’re all right here in Naperville!

Retail Scene

Next would be the retail scene here in Naperville. Within just a few block radius you can check out some of your favorite retail stores like Lululemon, Athleta, Banana Republic and Anne Taylor. They’re all right here within a few walking block distance to check out.

Small Town Vibe

The next would be the small town vibe feel in Naperville when you drive into the downtown area, you’ll see it’s very cutesy with old vintage buildings and the covered bridges on the riverwalk. You really get this cutesy small-town vibe even though Naperville is the fifth largest town in Illinois. People are very friendly, you’ll go to the grocery store and people will chat with you and ask you questions. If you’re in a larger urban area, it’s definitely a different vibe and people may not be as friendly so it definitely has a small town vibe here in Naperville.

Public Schools 

All right, the next reason would be the public schools here in Naperville. There are two districts here in Naperville district 203 is ranked number seven in the state and Indian Prairie District 204 is ranked number nine in states. The public schools are top rated here and that’s a great reason to consider Naperville for your next home.

End of Summer Festival 

Then after the public schools, I would say another reason would be the end of summer celebration and it is the Naperville Jaycee’s Last Fling. It is held over Labor Day weekend as a four day celebration. It’s free admission to get in there’s concerts, carnival rides and it’s just a fun way to celebrate the end of summer and back to school time! 

Those are kind of my five reasons why you really should consider a move to the Naperville area for your next home. If you’re thinking about buying or selling please reach out to me. I’d love to help you! 

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