Living in Naperville, IL – 5 Fun Facts About Naperville, Illinois

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I am Amy Pearson, I’m a local realtor with @Properties and I am on the team Lux Home Chicago. We serve downtown Chicago as well as the western suburbs, specifically Naperville, IL. Today I am going to give you my 5 fun facts about Naperville, IL. You may or may not know if you are thinking about moving to Naperville, you may find these facts kinda fun and interesting.

Commute and Avoid Traffic?

Alright, so if you are gonna live in Naperville and work downtown you may be thinking how do I get downtown and avoid the traffic on the highway? Well, we have two Metra train stations in Naperville. There is the Mainstreet train station in downtown Naperville as well as the Route 59 station. Two options, I believe both stations have the option to take express trains that skip some of the stops along the route, and they do still stop at some stops along the way. There also is the Amtrak that stops 4 times a day at the mainstreet station.

How Far from Chicago?

If you are thinking about Naperville for your move you may be wondering, well how far away is Naperville from Chicago specifically? Well we are about 28 miles outside of Chicago.

Who is Naperville Named After?

Another interesting fact about Naperville, you might want to know is who it is named after. Naperville is actually named after a person. It was named after Joe Naper who was the founder of Naperville. He founded it along the DuPage River in 1831. He drew the first plat in 1842 and was elected the president of the board when the village of Naperville was incorporated in 1857.

What festivals are in Naperville in the summer?       

I would say the biggest festivals would be The Naperville Jaycee’s Last Fling!  which is Labor Day weekend, it is kinda the celebration of end of summer, It has concerts, carnival rides, carnival games that everyone can enjoy. Free to enter but tickets to buy for the rides. The other festival is the Naperville RibFest, or Also known as the Exchange Club of Naperville Ribfest held over the 4th of July holiday.

FREE Parking!

Another fact about Naperville you may or may not know is that the parking is free in downtown Naperville! You may not think that is is a big deal but it is kinda a good deal to not have to pay for parking if you are going out to eat or going to buy something quickly downtown in Naperville.  In Chicago you have to pay for parking and it can be expensive. Other suburbs you do have to pay for parking in their downtown area such as Oak Park you do have to pay for their downtown parking facilities.

But there actually is a reason why there is free parking in downtown Naperville. I am going to tell you the history behind it. Back in the day when Fox Valley Mall was being built, The Naperville Business Alliance made the decision that they wanted to make sure that the local businesses in downtown Naperville were still getting the support and customers coming because they were worried about the free parking at the mall and that people would go there instead of to the local businesses in Naperville. The business Alliance decided to get together and a very key decision that affected the life of downtown Naperville and that was to get rid of all the parking meters in downtown Naperville and make it free parking so they could compete with the Mall, Fox Valley Mall. And it’s been free parking in Naperville ever since. I think it has really helped the businesses grow, the retail and the  restaurant scene. Another thing about the parking, the parking garages actually have the number of parking spaces displayed that are available and it really stays up to count every time a spot gets parked, it ticks down. I will say at lunch time it does get a little full. Also the parking garages get fuller around dinner time and around 8pm. But still free parking is pretty awesome! 

Alright those are my five fun facts about Naperville. If you or anyone you know if thinking about moving to Naperville, Illinois. Please keep me in mind as a realtor. I’d love to help you out!

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