District 203 & District 204 – Are Naperville Schools Good?

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Today I am going to give you information on why people move out to Naperville.  One of the reasons people like to move out here is because of the public schools.  And you might be wondering? Are the public schools good?

Well, today I am going to give you some stats and information about the public schools here in Naperville.  There are two districts in Naperville. District 203 and District 204 that I am going to talk about today.  Alright so these numbers are according to Niche.com 2021 numbers.

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Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

District 203 is the number 7 district in the state of Illinois out of 413 districts.  District 204 is number 12 in Illinois, so both are top rated school districts.  District 203 is ranked number 24 for the best teachers in Illinois out of 634 districts, that’s great!  District 203 also ranked number 2 in Illinois for best athletics out of 436.  District 204 is number 13 for school districts for best athletics in Illinois.  Both districts are top districts for athletics!

There is a school district in Naperville that is also US ranked! That’s right!  For the US best ranked school districts in America, District 203 is number 39 out of 10,760 districts across the US.  So that’s great that district 203 is ranked across the US.  Also for best schools districts in America for Athletics district 203 is ranked 39 out of 10,760 school districts. It is a nationally ranked district! Both districts are great.

I just wanted to give you some stats on why some people are interested in the public schools out here in Naperville. I am Amy Pearson, I am a local realtor with @properites, if you have any questions in the western suburbs, I’d love to help you out. Alright take care.

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