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Today i’m going to give you my top five things to do in Wheaton, Illinois. Wheaton is a suburb of Chicago it’s western suburb located in Dupage County. But first I’m Amy Pearson the local realtor with @properties and I give community information videos as well as real estate update videos weekly. All right let’s get started with my top five things to do in Wheaton, Illinois. All right here is my list of things to check out.

Cosely Zoo

My first one is the Cosley Zoo. The Cosley Zoo in Wheaton offers a really educational entertaining experience for you and your family. It is perfect I would say for toddler aged children. It’s a small scaled zoo on five acres and it has a farm as well as native Illinois animals and in their zoo there’s also an area where you can feed some animals. It’s a really great experience for young children. The zoo is seven dollars for non-residents and six dollars for seniors and they do sell family memberships as well.

Cantigny Park

My next one on my list would be Cantigny Park. Cantigny park which is a must-see destination for everyone and has every interest you could possibly think of. If you’re just want to spend 30 minutes or several hours this is a great place it’s large enough so you can just pick a spot or pursue the whole park. There’s gardens for luxury strolls enjoying the nature as well as those who want to try to stay active. If you want to learn more about it you can also check out the Robert R Mccormick Museum or the First Division Museum which my nephew is a big fan of the first division museum. He’s a World War II fan so check that place out if you’re a World War II enthusiast.

Blackwell Forest Preserve

Next one is Blackwell Forest Preserve since there’s always so much nature in Wheaton, Blackwell is certainly a unique offering in Wheaton area you can do lots of outdoors things like hiking, picnicking, camping and there’s also a lake for water recreation fishing and boating.And it also offers something kind of unique from the area it has an archery range, targets are sold for six dollars and 50 cents and the range is open every day. There’s also an off the leash area for your dog so it’s a great park to check out. It’s free open daily one hour before sunrise and one after after sunset it closes.

Illinois Prairie Path

Next on my list would be the Illinois Prairie Path. The Illinois Prairie Path is great for bikers. It is a network of 61 miles of bicycle trails mostly in Dupage County and portions of the trail extend into Kane County. Most of the trail consists of what they would call a rails to trail meaning it used to be a old railroad track in the area that they converted into bicycle trails. The Illinois Prairie Path consists of three distinct districts originating in a point just west of downtown Wheaton the northwest branch is called the Elgin branch which and it runs approximately 16 miles to Elgin where it intersects with the Fox River Trail.

Herrick Lake

Next on my list would be Herrick Lake. Herrick Lake is a forest preserve in Wheaton that’s one of my favorite places in Wheaton. It has lots of hiking paths you can do biking and horseback riding in the winter you can do cross-country skiing. There’s also seven miles of trails including the Danada Herrick Lake Regional Trail. There’s also within the lake you can rent canoes, kayaks, and row boats through May through September you can rent the boats in the lake area of Herrick Lake.

I hope you enjoyed my top five things to do in Wheaton, Illinois. Maybe you learn something new or a new place you might want to check out this weekend. But those are my top five things hopefully you enjoy it maybe got some information and about the Chicago Western Suburbs. I am Amy Pearson with @properties and I provide a local community information and real estate news on the western suburbs please check out my next video.

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