Lisle, IL Top 3 Things to Do in Lisle, IL

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Lisle, Illinois is a western suburb of Chicago and it’s located in Dupage County, but first I just want to introduce myself again Amy Pearson with @properties I am a realtor in the western suburbs of Chicago and I also serve downtown Chicago as well. All right so i’m gonna give you my top three things to do in Lisle, Illinois. Lisle is one of 
my favorite suburbs, there’s a lot of great things to do but I’m only sharing three of my favorite 
things that you can enjoy or to do in Lisle.

Alright so my first thing that you definitely should check out in Lisle to do would be Green Trails which Green Trails 
is actually a subdivision. Which probably sounds kind of weird at first. It is a residential neighborhood with 477 acres, that includes nine lakes, mature woods, grassy open spaces hills and flatlands. But there’s also a bike paved bike path that runs throughout green trails and it is actually 25 miles long of paths that you can do for hiking, jogging, biking, or whatever you want to do. And it’s a great path to check out. I used to bike ride my bike on Green Trails when I was a kid. There are 17 public parks and tennis courts and basketball carts and ball fields all within Green Trails. So definitely great to check out it’s free. Just get your bikes and head on over to Green Trails and it is a neighborhood where houses 
do live in there so you if you’re interested in living in Lisle, you could just kind of ride the bike and check out the neighborhood taking the green trails path.

Alright so my next one would be something to do in the winter which is the Four Lakes Alpine Snow Sports so if 
you grew up in Dupage County chances are you know someone or yourself have learned to ski on Four Lakes Ski Hill. It is a great place to learn to ski on downhill ski. You can do great afternoon with your family friends and or with just a few friends to learn how to skate. They have a ski school for students as well as Talmark and Nordic Ski lessons are also available upon request. There’s also a Terrrian Park for skiers and snowboarders for all ski ski levels. They have equipment rental, season passes, and group lessons are available. It is closed right now but it will open once the temperatures start dropping. It’s definitely I would say a beginner hill. It’s a great place just get your feet wet and learn
to skate but it is in Lisle, Illinois. All of the ways up the hill is actually a tow rope to get up the hill.

Next would be the Morton Arboretum. The Morton Arboretum’s tagline is the champion of trees and they definitely are it’s a great place to check out i would describe the morning as a museum of trees. There’s nature trails and you can even drive um throughout the roads and check out the scenery. There is a children’s garden that’s great to check out for young children. They have lots of festivals events at the Morton Arboretum as well and they have the fall 5k walk run, concerts in the summer as well as Illumination which is done during the holidays. It’s a how do I describe it a one mile walk of paved path with interactive lights and it’s and highlights the trees and all the beauty of winter. It’s 
a great event to check out. You do have to get tickets in advance for Illumination and I believe tickets go on sale October 1st, So check that out Illumination at the Morton Arboretum.

So those are my top three things to do in Lisle, Illinois. Hope you enjoyed them. They’re kind of some things to do throughout the year and throughout the different seasons. I’m Amy Pearson with @properties and if you know anyone thinking about buying or selling keep me in mind!

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