Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago, IL

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Are you thinking about moving to Chicago and you’re wondering what are the pros and cons of living in Chicago, Illinois. Well I’ve got you covered because I’m gonna let you know what my pros and cons are of living in Chicago, Illinois. I’m Amy Pearson realtor with @properties, I’m on the team Lux Home Chicago, serving downtown Chicago as well as the western suburbs. All right so today i’m gonna give you my pros and cons. I love Chicago it’s an amazing city but there are a few cons that are on my list so I’ll give you my pros and cons.

All right so i gotta start with a pro, first pro would be the nightlife in Chicago. In Chicago there is so much to do in the evening in Chicago. There’s restaurants to check out, clubs there’s museums and lots of museum have museum nights and they’re really fun to check out, there’s theaters, there’s street festivals and a wide range of things. So definitely not a shortage for things to do in the evenings, that is a pro.

All right my next one would be it’s actually a con. My next one would be the weather in Chicago. The winter’s in Chicago can be kind of rough. I know they say that Chicago is the windy city which yes it can be windy in Chicago. I will say January and February are the roughest months to live in Chicago. It’s really cold sub temperatures below zero and that’s usually when our most snow is January / February but, I will say once you hit spring summer, Chicago comes alive and people just make the most of when it’s warmer in Chicago with street festivals and they spend as much time as possible on the lake front. So if you can make it through two months, it’s an amazing time in the summer time so it’s kind of a pro and con. The summer is amazing time in city of Chicago as well as Fall is a great time.

All right my next one would be another con would be the traffic in Chicago. The traffic can be kind of congested in Chicago. If there’s like a sports game going on it really can just add a lot of time to your commute or if you’re going somewhere if there’s say just give me example a Cubs game on the north side Lake Shore Drive going north is just backed up. So traffic is definitely a negative, if you’re getting on the highway and going somewhere you need to be on the highway by 3pm in the afternoon, otherwise you’re in really bad traffic sometimes that isn’t even early enough. So negative would be the traffic.

All right my pro, gotta have a pro now would be the food in Chicago is amazing! I know you if you’re not familiar with Chicago, people say deep dip pizza, which I prefer thin crust but they usually say hot dogs and pizza. But you have every type of food possible in Chicago. I’ve had Serbian food, Puerto Rican, Cuban and just a wide variety of food that you can try in Chicago. There’s also food festivals in Chicago as well as amazing top chefs that have restaurants in Chicago. There’s restaurant row on Randolph Street which has amazing restaurants that you gotta check, out so definitely food scene a pro.

All right the next one would be Chicago is a transportation hub. We are located in the midwest of the united states and a lot of trains come through Chicago. You’ve got the Amtrak as well as there’s Metra commuting to the suburbs on the train. And then you’ve got the CTA which is the it’s kind of the subway train station that runs throughout the metro area of Chicago. The Blue Line and the Orange Line can take you to the airports which is kind of awesome, so you can take the Blue Line all the way to O’hare and not have to pay for expensive parking at the airport, which is nice. And then the Orange Line it’s like the subway train, goes all the way to Midway Airport same thing you don’t have to pay for parking to take the Orange Line so definitely a pro would be the transportation in Chicago.

So those are my pros and cons of living in Chicago. Hope you enjoyed them, I’m Amy Pearson realtor with @Properties and check out my next video.

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