Naperville, IL Top 5 Secrets Fall Time

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Want to know my five secrets about Naperville, Illinois well watch my video and you’ll find out my five secrets about Naperville, Illinois but first I’m Amy Pearson I’m a realtor with @properties on the team Lux Home Chicago serving western suburbs as well as downtown Chicago. All right i’m liking my top five secrets all right but please if you like my video please like subscribe and share thanks so much.

All right let’s get started so my first one it’s a really good one. First secret would actually be in Naperville there’s actually free pre-k school what? yes, it’s true in Naperville there is a free pre-k school. It’s at the Ann Reed Early Childhood Center which is part of District 203 and it’s the only school in district 203 offers this. There’s actually a lottery to be accepted into the free program and your child must be at least three years old by September 1st and you must be a resident of the Naperville school district 203. There also is a community option when you apply that is tuition based if you’re not selected for the lottery and the tuition base it’s $255 dollars a month for four days a week Tuesday through Friday and this is for the tuition paying option from morning 8:30 a.m to 11 a.m and afternoons 12:15pm to 2:45p.m so it’s a part time not a full day but still there is a free option to look into which is awesome.

All right my next secret I would say in Naperville would be knock knoll’s Nature Center. Not everyone knows about it and it’s a great place to check out if you have toddlers. It’s free so definitely check out and free things are always fun. The nature center has some small animals inside the center as well as a large fish tank to check out. It’s really fun for little kids to explore and then there is a nature based playground right outside the nature center so definitely a great place to check out would be the Knock Knolls Nature Center. I’ll have a link below for you to check out.

All right my next one would be a secret would be when there’s a holiday what do you do when there’s garbage and recycling days so say there’s a holiday on your day you’re supposed to bring out your recycling. Do you have to wait a week? If you’re in Chicago you would have to entire week for your garbage to be picked up and they get a little stinky. but in Naperville if your garbage and recycling day falls on a holiday, the next day your garbage and recycling be picked up. So that’s kind of nice.

All right my next thing on my secrets in Naperville would be that there is a thing called Notify Naperville. Notified Naperville let you sign up to receive emergency and community messages through your preferred method of communication it could be your home phone, cell phone, text message, or email and you can also research choose location you want to be contacted about you can receive notifications about emergencies that could affect your home, your parents home, your workplace, your children’s school, or any location of interest of you in neighborhood as long as the locations are within the city of Naperville. Notifications on Notify Naperville include brush and leaf collection, utility outages, public safety, road and utility work in a neighborhood, specific event alerts, traffic alerts, and winter operations.

All right and my next one it’s a fall time one another tip or secret in Naperville would be the leaf collection in the fall time. You’re getting a lot of leaves and it is free to be bagged with no stickers. You have to buy stickers for yard waste bags usually but for the leaf collection program it allows residents to dispose of bagged leaves and yard waste November 1st to December 17th and you don’t put the stickers on the back so that’s exciting. There also is a bulk leaf collection in every neighborhood that you can just blow all your leaves to the curb and the collection days for the bulk leaf collections is Monday October 18th, Monday November 1st and November 15th for the bulk leaf collections.

So those are my top five secrets of Naperville and they’re all kind of fall related. I hope you learned something new and thanks so much for watching my video i’m Amy Pearson realtor with @Properties. If you have any questions about Naperville keep me in mind and please watch my next video. thanks so much!

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