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Are you looking to move to the neighborhood area and you’re looking for lower taxes for your home. Well I’ve got you covered because today I’m gonna give you some insider scoop information on homes in Naperville that actually have lower taxes and I’ll give you a little brief driving tour to show an example of what these homes look like. I’m Amy Pearson, I’m a local realtor in the Naperville area in the western suburbs of Chicago if this is your first time checking my video thanks so much for checking my channel out I provide weekly videos on everything to eat sleep and enjoy all of the Naperville area in the western suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been working with people that have been looking to move and relocate to the neighborhood area and I’ve been getting messages via email, texts, phone calls and snail mail from people looking to move right here in the Naperville area and I love helping them out. If you’re thinking about moving to Naperville I’d love to help you out, please feel free to send me a text message, email or carrier pigeon. Whatever it is I’d love to help you out, I’m Amy Pearson I’ve got your back on Naperville.

My insider tip on homes that have lower taxes in Naperville is actually Naperville homes that are in unincorporated Naperville. What does that mean? Unincorporated Naperville it just means you don’t have a city or village government technically but you do have lower taxes. It does mean different things in different areas but if you’re looking to buy an unincorporated Naperville you may not have sidewalks in your area, you may have well water or septic tank but it does vary from subdivision to subdivision and they’re not all in one area. The homes are in little pockets throughout Naperville. I have seen homes that are unincorporated that have sidewalks and they do have city water so it does vary throughout the area what type of services are offered. You would get less services with lower taxes and same top-rated schools in Naperville that your children would be able to go to.

Another thing about the unincorporated that tips you off that it’s unincorporated would be if there are no sidewalks in the area. If you are looking at an area that would be a big red flag and if you happen to be there looking at homes and it’s garbage recycling day and the bins do not say city of Naperville, odds are it is probably unincorporated Naperville and that is a big tip to tip off that is not a city neighborhood and it is unincorporated which means lower taxes because you get less services. It could also mean that your library card you might have to pay for it and for the city of Naperville your park district fees maybe be a little bit higher it’s just a few services that would be a little bit different if you’re an unincorporated Naperville. I’m gonna do a short driving tour of a community to give you an idea of what an unincorporated street looks like but they do vary throughout the area and they’re not all in one area but there are little pockets sprinkled throughout the city so here’s my little brief driving tour of an incorporated area.

Here we have an example of what unincorporated neighborhood looks like hopefully you can get a good shot of it from this camera on my phone on my car there are no sidewalks which is a typical that you would see for an unincorporated area and sometimes the lots can be a bit larger than your typical neighborhood lot. This is a good example of what unincorporated Naperville looks like we’re on Columbia street just north of Ogden Avenue.

The services you’d want to double check if you’re considering a home to purchase in an unincorporated Naperville would be here’s my list if the water is well water or if there’s a septic take, for the home some homes in unincorporated Naperville have well water and some are on the city Naperville water and you don’t have to worry about that so that’s something to ask about if you’re considering unincorporated home. You would want to ask if non-resident fees for park district programs, if your library is an additional fee the library card another important one you want to ask about what emergency services and police cover your unincorporated area important questions to ask. Keep in mind you do get less services if you live in unincorporated but you get the lower taxes and you still are within the Naperville school district which is top rated so great things keep in mind. It’s a little secret that taxes is a little bit lower in the unincorporated areas of Naperville so if you’re considering to move to the Chicago area you might want to consider Naperville Illinois and lower taxes would be in the unincorporated areas. I’d love to help you out I’m Amy Pearson local realtor in Naperville if you want to learn more about the Chicagoland area real estate feel free to reach out at

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