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Are you thinking about relocating to Naperville, Illinois and you’re wondering what are the negatives about living to Naperville, Illinois? Well today I’ve got you covered because I’m going to give you my top five reasons to maybe avoid or not move to Naperville, If you can’t handle these top complaints that people have about Naperville.

I’m Amy Pearson, I’m a local realtor I serve Naperville, western suburbs as well as downtown Chicago. I have worked out people who have been relocating from Chicago as well as other states and I’ve been helping them out. If you are planning to move to the Naperville area, feel free to reach out to me info is below. I would love to help you!

I did some research and actually found this on reddit online the top five complaints of people about living in Naperville and I’m going to respond to the complaints. The first complaint that I found on reddit about Naperville would be no parking at the train stations. Which I somewhat agree with. Traditionally the Naperville train station located in downtown Naperville has been very hard to get a parking spot. I drive by the parking lot a lot and the parking spaces are wide open right now. There are daily parking options, I do think you have to get there really early to get a good daily parking option. Again things are different because of Covid people are working from home a lot more than they used to. There also is the Pace bus that you can take from your home to get to the train station.  There is another train station in Naperville it’s Route 59 and there is no wait for a parking spot at the Route 59 train station. If you can’t get a monthly pass at the downtown Naperville train station check out rail 59 um monthly parking pass option

The second complaint that I found people complain about was the horrible traffic. It all depends on where you’re moving from to be honest. If you are used to a large city, you’ll think it’s a breeze moving to Naperville. But if you’re not used to traffic through stop lights it might be a bit more traffic. I will say um there are certain times of the day to maybe avoid certain areas. I would not go past the high schools in the afternoon. There are a lot of cars coming and going because a lot of high school kids can drive. Also morning, evening and lunch time driving through downtown Naperville it gets a little congested and clogged. Another street that’s quite known for the infamous traffic would be route 59. It’s not as bad as Chicago traffic and it just depends on what time of the day you’re driving around town. I would agree with there being more traffic at certain times of the day and I don’t totally agree with claiming Naperville has horrible traffic.

The number three complaint about living in Naperville and this is according to reddit.com would be too expensive. Which i do have a video if you want to check out my library Chicago Western Suburbs on YouTube I discuss Naperville cost of living versus Chicago. It is actually more affordable to live in Naperville versus chicago. Many of the costs are lower than Chicago including daycare is lower and some things are much lower in Naperville than living in the city of chicago. The average price home it is around $600,000 for an average sale home right now in Naperville. Home prices are going up so I can see it’s why people are saying it’s expensive to live in Naperville but if you look up the cost of living it’s pretty relative and it is actually cheaper than living in downtown Chicago. 

My next complaint about living in Naperville would be that it is not walkable. I’m gonna somewhat agree with this complaint. If you live in Naperville,l you need to have a car. It’s really hard to get around if you don’t have a car. There is a Pace bus system. It’s the public bus system in Naperville and it does go throughout the town. The buses are pretty frequent and they do drop off and pick up at the train stations. If you live closer to the downtown area, you could maybe go without having a car because it’s pretty walkable if you’re close to downtown Naperville. We are in suburban life in Naperville and most places you do have to drive to unfortunately so I kind of agree with not being walkable complaint in Naperville 

The number five complaint that people can have about Naperville would be the commute to the highway which I somewhat agree with but it depends where you live in Naperville. Naperville is a very large town with almost 150,000 people. The north side versus south city are very far apart from each other. I think it’s mostly people who are living in south Naperville that have this complaint because it can take a very long time for them to get to i-88 onto the highway. I’ve heard it takes as much as 35 minutes to get to i-88 because they have to take the infamous route 59 which has a lot of traffic. If you’re living on the further north side of Naperville, you’re closer to the highways, you’re closer to downtown Naperville and you wouldn’t have this complaint. It just depends as to where you’re located in Naperville if you have the complaint that it takes too long commuting to the highway.  Those are the top five complaints, if you can handle those complaints which i think they’re not too bad you would love living in Naperville. If you’re thinking of moving to Naperville feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to help you out on your home search in Naperville.

Are you thinking about moving to the Chicago suburbs and you are wondering if Naperville, IL is the right town for you? Watch my video and learn about my top 5 reasons Not to move to Naperville. I did my research and found the top 5 things people hate about Naperville and I respond to them all with my experience from living in Naperville, IL.

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