Suburbs (West of Chicago) Vs Chicago – What You Will Have to Get Used To

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Are you thinking about making move to suburbs from Chicago, Illinois and you’re not sure what it is that will be different and what you’re gonna have to get used to living in the suburbs versus Chicago? Well, I’ve got my top five list of things that you will need to get used to being a suburbanite versus living in Chicago. I’m Amy Pearson here with @Properties I provide weekly community and videos on real estate as well as community information. All right here’s my top five list that are kind of fun things that are all unique about living in Chicago versus the suburbs.

#5 Not Paying for Bags!

All right my number five thing that you would get used to living in the suburbs versus Chicago would be not paying for bags. It seems kind of silly and kind of weird at first, if you don’t live in Chicago but living in Chicago you have to pay for every single bag plastic bag or paper bag if you go to the CVS grocery store. There’s a seven cent tax on every bag, so it’s kind of exciting when you move to the suburbs and you go to the grocery store you don’t have to pay for those bags! It’s almost feels like you’re stealing those bags! So that’s something kind of exciting to get used to is not paying for your bags when you go to the store.

#4 Not Second Guessing Your Parking Space

My number four thing that you would need to get used to when you live in to the suburbs versus Chicago would be not having to second guess when you park on the street. When you park on the street in Chicago, you have to think about what neighborhood parking sticker, do I need to have a Cub’s Night zone game area, is it street sweeping day? If you park on the street in any one of those things, you get a ticket or a towed. So in the suburbs, there really isn’t permanent parking so you don’t have to worry about this as much as when you park on the street. You don’t have to second guess where you parked on he street, usually.

#3 Suburbs Not As Walkable

Number three thing that you would need to get used to city versus the suburbs would be that suburbs are not as walkable as the city. So living in Chicago it’s very walkable, to walk to say the coffee shop, walk to retail places through your walkable community. Living in the suburbs one of the biggest things you have to get used to is that you need to drive to most places in the suburbs. It’s a little bit harder if you don’t have a car to get around. There is a Pace bus system in the suburbs in many of the towns but, it’s much easier if you have a car to get around. So that’s one thing you’ll definitely have to get used to being Chicago versus suburban.

#2 Restaurant Scene Not the Same As Chicago

Number two thing that you would need to get used to moving from Chicago to the suburbs would be the restaurant scene. Living in Chicago there’s such an amazing wide variety of culinary restaurants you get to enjoy James Beard Winners,Michelin winners, and restaurant row on Randolph street is an amazing restaurants. So that’s one thing you’ll have to get used to being a little bit further away from those award-winning restaurants but, I will say that in the suburbs you can find almost every type of cuisine out in the suburbs. You can find Indian food, sushi, you can find Italian and every type of food that you can think of, you can find right in the suburbs. It may not be the top chefs and award-winning restaurants that Chicago has, it’s just a little bit different you’ll get used to it once you move to the suburbs.

#1 Suburbs Are More Friendly

All right my number one thing that you would have to get used to as a Chicago person moving to the suburbs would be that people talk to you when you go places or you walk down the street. It’s a little weird to get used to but you’ll be going to the Jewel grocery store and people will still start talking to you in line about what it is you’re buying and how your day is going. They actually want to know about what it is you’re buying. If you’re in the city and someone talks to you you just look down, you’ve got your blinders on and you just you don’t talk to people in the city. It’s a big difference, so you will have to get used to the friendlier community and people want to talk and chat about the day the weather and what’s going on in your day.

So that’s my top five things as a Chicago person moving to the suburbs that you would need to get used to some of them are kind of moderate and not that big a deal and some of them it will take a little while to get used to. That’s my top five. I’m Amy Pearson a realtor with @Properties and please check out my next video!

District 203 & District 204 – Are Naperville Schools Good?

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Today I am going to give you information on why people move out to Naperville.  One of the reasons people like to move out here is because of the public schools.  And you might be wondering? Are the public schools good?

Well, today I am going to give you some stats and information about the public schools here in Naperville.  There are two districts in Naperville. District 203 and District 204 that I am going to talk about today.  Alright so these numbers are according to 2021 numbers.

people desk sitting school
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

District 203 is the number 7 district in the state of Illinois out of 413 districts.  District 204 is number 12 in Illinois, so both are top rated school districts.  District 203 is ranked number 24 for the best teachers in Illinois out of 634 districts, that’s great!  District 203 also ranked number 2 in Illinois for best athletics out of 436.  District 204 is number 13 for school districts for best athletics in Illinois.  Both districts are top districts for athletics!

There is a school district in Naperville that is also US ranked! That’s right!  For the US best ranked school districts in America, District 203 is number 39 out of 10,760 districts across the US.  So that’s great that district 203 is ranked across the US.  Also for best schools districts in America for Athletics district 203 is ranked 39 out of 10,760 school districts. It is a nationally ranked district! Both districts are great.

I just wanted to give you some stats on why some people are interested in the public schools out here in Naperville. I am Amy Pearson, I am a local realtor with @properites, if you have any questions in the western suburbs, I’d love to help you out. Alright take care.

Chicago Western Suburbs

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Chicago the windy city and the city of big shoulders it’s an amazing city that i love for its dining scene and culture. Many of my clients who have young families or they’re relocating to Chicago, have reached out to me because they’re looking for more space and they’re looking for top-rated schools.

The Chicago western suburbs have top-rated public schools, transportation to downtown Chicago and plenty of green space. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about the Chicago western suburbs, about the community, real estate and happenings in the western suburbs. My name is Amy Pearson I’m a realtor with @Properties and I’m a Mom. I grew up in Naperville and would love to be your relocation guy to the western suburbs subscribe today to get notified weekly when I drop a new video.

Downtown Naperville, IL Driving Tour

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Are you thinking about making a move out to the suburbs and you're not sure what there is to do once you get out there? Well come along with me today on a driving tour of downtown Naperville. I am going to show you there's plenty of restaurants and retail. I'm Amy Pearson realtor with that @Properties and I'm going to do a brief driving tour of downtown Naperville come along. Please click on the youtube view to watch the driving tour.

Hope you enjoy my driving tour video, I am just showing you a small section of downtown Naperville but, it shows you there's plenty to do with lots of restaurants, bars and nightlife as well as retail. You won't be bored in Naperville! All right I'm Amy Pearson with @properties.

Living in Naperville, IL – 5 Fun Facts About Naperville, Illinois

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I am Amy Pearson, I’m a local realtor with @Properties and I am on the team Lux Home Chicago. We serve downtown Chicago as well as the western suburbs, specifically Naperville, IL. Today I am going to give you my 5 fun facts about Naperville, IL. You may or may not know if you are thinking about moving to Naperville, you may find these facts kinda fun and interesting.

Commute and Avoid Traffic?

Alright, so if you are gonna live in Naperville and work downtown you may be thinking how do I get downtown and avoid the traffic on the highway? Well, we have two Metra train stations in Naperville. There is the Mainstreet train station in downtown Naperville as well as the Route 59 station. Two options, I believe both stations have the option to take express trains that skip some of the stops along the route, and they do still stop at some stops along the way. There also is the Amtrak that stops 4 times a day at the mainstreet station.

How Far from Chicago?

If you are thinking about Naperville for your move you may be wondering, well how far away is Naperville from Chicago specifically? Well we are about 28 miles outside of Chicago.

Who is Naperville Named After?

Another interesting fact about Naperville, you might want to know is who it is named after. Naperville is actually named after a person. It was named after Joe Naper who was the founder of Naperville. He founded it along the DuPage River in 1831. He drew the first plat in 1842 and was elected the president of the board when the village of Naperville was incorporated in 1857.

What festivals are in Naperville in the summer?       

I would say the biggest festivals would be The Naperville Jaycee’s Last Fling!  which is Labor Day weekend, it is kinda the celebration of end of summer, It has concerts, carnival rides, carnival games that everyone can enjoy. Free to enter but tickets to buy for the rides. The other festival is the Naperville RibFest, or Also known as the Exchange Club of Naperville Ribfest held over the 4th of July holiday.

FREE Parking!

Another fact about Naperville you may or may not know is that the parking is free in downtown Naperville! You may not think that is is a big deal but it is kinda a good deal to not have to pay for parking if you are going out to eat or going to buy something quickly downtown in Naperville.  In Chicago you have to pay for parking and it can be expensive. Other suburbs you do have to pay for parking in their downtown area such as Oak Park you do have to pay for their downtown parking facilities.

But there actually is a reason why there is free parking in downtown Naperville. I am going to tell you the history behind it. Back in the day when Fox Valley Mall was being built, The Naperville Business Alliance made the decision that they wanted to make sure that the local businesses in downtown Naperville were still getting the support and customers coming because they were worried about the free parking at the mall and that people would go there instead of to the local businesses in Naperville. The business Alliance decided to get together and a very key decision that affected the life of downtown Naperville and that was to get rid of all the parking meters in downtown Naperville and make it free parking so they could compete with the Mall, Fox Valley Mall. And it’s been free parking in Naperville ever since. I think it has really helped the businesses grow, the retail and the  restaurant scene. Another thing about the parking, the parking garages actually have the number of parking spaces displayed that are available and it really stays up to count every time a spot gets parked, it ticks down. I will say at lunch time it does get a little full. Also the parking garages get fuller around dinner time and around 8pm. But still free parking is pretty awesome! 

Alright those are my five fun facts about Naperville. If you or anyone you know if thinking about moving to Naperville, Illinois. Please keep me in mind as a realtor. I’d love to help you out!

Why Move to Naperville, Illinois?

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I’m Amy Pearson. I’m a local realtor here in Naperville, Illinois and today I’m going to give you my five reasons on why you should consider making a move to Naperville this year. All right but first I’m going to give you a little bit of background information. I am a realtor here in naperville, I grew up here and i’ve decided to raise my daughter here with my husband ​​and these are some of the reasons why I think you should consider possibly making a move to Naperville. I work with buyers, sellers, and renters as well as investors. I have worked with people who live out of state and I have done a lot of great zoom tours for people who don’t live in the area and they can preview the property before they view it in person. Please feel free to reach out to me via email, instagram or you can just give me a call.

Here’s my five reasons: the restaurants in Naperville, the retail scene, the small town vibe, then the top rated public schools and of course the end of summer festival!

Restaurant Scene

The restaurant scene has a wide variety of culinary places you can check out here in the Naperville area. There’s also some restaurants that you can get here in Naperville that are actually in downtown Chicago as well so you don’t need to drive that long drive to Chicago to check out Morton’s Steak, Catch 35, Hugo’s Frog Bar or Fogo de Chao. They’re all right here in Naperville!

Retail Scene

Next would be the retail scene here in Naperville. Within just a few block radius you can check out some of your favorite retail stores like Lululemon, Athleta, Banana Republic and Anne Taylor. They’re all right here within a few walking block distance to check out.

Small Town Vibe

The next would be the small town vibe feel in Naperville when you drive into the downtown area, you’ll see it’s very cutesy with old vintage buildings and the covered bridges on the riverwalk. You really get this cutesy small-town vibe even though Naperville is the fifth largest town in Illinois. People are very friendly, you’ll go to the grocery store and people will chat with you and ask you questions. If you’re in a larger urban area, it’s definitely a different vibe and people may not be as friendly so it definitely has a small town vibe here in Naperville.

Public Schools 

All right, the next reason would be the public schools here in Naperville. There are two districts here in Naperville district 203 is ranked number seven in the state and Indian Prairie District 204 is ranked number nine in states. The public schools are top rated here and that’s a great reason to consider Naperville for your next home.

End of Summer Festival 

Then after the public schools, I would say another reason would be the end of summer celebration and it is the Naperville Jaycee’s Last Fling. It is held over Labor Day weekend as a four day celebration. It’s free admission to get in there’s concerts, carnival rides and it’s just a fun way to celebrate the end of summer and back to school time! 

Those are kind of my five reasons why you really should consider a move to the Naperville area for your next home. If you’re thinking about buying or selling please reach out to me. I’d love to help you! 

River West Neighborhood Spotlight

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The River West neighborhood of Chicago at one time was more of an industrial area of the city and now many of those warehouses have since been converted into unique loft and condo buildings. There are also many townhomes, low rise condo buildings along with a few mid-rise buildings that have been springing up in River West. Recently the neighborhood has seen some changes with new high rise buildings being developed in the neighborhood including the spoke building .


This neighborhood is public transportation friendly and is ideal for downtown workers or for those who work in the West Loop.  Milwaukee Avenue runs through the neighborhood which many bike commuters use the bike lanes located on Milwaukee Avenue every day to get to their offices. The bike lanes recently had protection barriers added through River West to make biking safer through this neighborhood for those who use it daily. The Chicago blue line, #56 Milwaukee Bus and the #66 Chicago Avenue Bus are all located in River West neighborhood which makes getting around town by public transportation a breeze.

There are also a few great neighborhood restaurants including Windy City Cafe, Big Shoulders Coffee, The Dawson, Jerk Modern Jamaican, The Roost Carolina Chicken, the Iguana Cafe and Piccolo Sogno.

River West is a neighborhood that you should consider for your next home, because it’s close to public transportation and it has great restaurants. If you are thinking about moving to a new neighborhood in Chicago, this is a great neighborhood to consider. Please contact me at if you are interested in buying, selling or renting in Chicago.

Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast



Calavera Opened in West Town

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I get excited every time a new restaurant on Chicago Avenue opens and I have been waiting for this restaurant to open for awhile. I finally noticed that it opened last week.   Calavera is a new Mexican restaurant is and it opened last Thursday in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago.

The word calavera most often refers to the decorative skulls associated with the celebration of Día de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead) an annual Mexican tradition that honors the deceased.

I stopped by for a late lunch and was able to sample a few items on their menu.  They offer several different appetizers that each have their unique twist and all are homemade.  I tried the Queso Fundido  for an appetizer per our server’s recommendation and it was tasty!  This yummy starter is melted cheese, chorizo and onions served with chips and tortillas. They also have homemade salsas on the table that you can add to your dish to kick up the spice.


The Queso Fundido appetizer


For the main course I had the Steak Fajitas and my husband had the Pescado a la Deracruzana which is grilled tilapila in a salsa sauce with rice. I tried both dishes and my favorite was the steak fajitas.


Pictured is the grilled tilapia dish on the top and the Steak Fajitas dish.

This restaurant is a nice addition to the neighborhood and I recommend giving it a try yourself because I know I will be back again for more tasty Mexican food!
Calavera – 1438 W. Chicago Ave.
Serves lunch and dinner and will be open from 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. daily


Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast

Happy Place Chicago

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Amy Pearson, realtor and neighborhood expert in River West, recently visited Happy Place and she gives a tour of the pop-up experience through this video.
The Happy Place is a massive pop-up experience is filled with larger than life size installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, and dozens of moments curated to Capture Your Happy. Happy Place Chicago is located in the River West neighborhood of Chicago and it runs June 28 – August 6th.

Happy Place – 1004 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Amy Pearson

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Baird & Warner – Gold Coast


New Greek Restaurant at SixO6 Cafe Bar

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I have been wanting to try out the Six06 Cafe Bar for awhile now.  I finally ate at this place last weekend and it did not disappoint.  The restaurant has Greek food but, it also has a coffee bar in the morning for the local commuters to enjoy. They do have a rooftop area as well but, the rooftop space has not officially opened yet.

I order the hummus and pitas chips for an appetizer and it was so creamy that it tasted homemade. Our waitress even brought out more pita chips that were warm from the kitchen after we finished most of the chips that came with the dish.


For our main course, we asked the server for her favorite recommendations and her recommendations we excellent choices! We decided to order the Six06 Burger which had gouda, topped with caramelized onions and a feta sauce.  When I ate the burger, all I could think of was that is tasted like a Greek style burger.  The burger had a unique flavor that made it stand out from the usually burger you would get at most restaurants in the area. The french fries that came with the dish were seasoned with Greek spices which made it hard to stop eating them because they were so good!


The other main dish that I shared, was the Chicken Pita which was the server’s other recommendation.  The Chicken Pita dish had a mustard sauce on it along with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.  This dish felt similar to a chicken kabob in a pita sandwich. Out of the three different options that I tried from their menu, my favorite was the Chicken Pita.


I definitely would recommend that you should try this new Greek restaurant located on Chicago Avenue in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. I can’t wait when the rooftop to open up this summer and to try out some more tasty Greek dishes!

Six06 Cafe Bar – 1641 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast