Why Move to Naperville, Illinois?

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I’m Amy Pearson. I’m a local realtor here in Naperville, Illinois and today I’m going to give you my five reasons on why you should consider making a move to Naperville this year. All right but first I’m going to give you a little bit of background information. I am a realtor here in naperville, I grew up here and i’ve decided to raise my daughter here with my husband ​​and these are some of the reasons why I think you should consider possibly making a move to Naperville. I work with buyers, sellers, and renters as well as investors. I have worked with people who live out of state and I have done a lot of great zoom tours for people who don’t live in the area and they can preview the property before they view it in person. Please feel free to reach out to me via email, instagram or you can just give me a call.

Here’s my five reasons: the restaurants in Naperville, the retail scene, the small town vibe, then the top rated public schools and of course the end of summer festival!

Restaurant Scene

The restaurant scene has a wide variety of culinary places you can check out here in the Naperville area. There’s also some restaurants that you can get here in Naperville that are actually in downtown Chicago as well so you don’t need to drive that long drive to Chicago to check out Morton’s Steak, Catch 35, Hugo’s Frog Bar or Fogo de Chao. They’re all right here in Naperville!

Retail Scene

Next would be the retail scene here in Naperville. Within just a few block radius you can check out some of your favorite retail stores like Lululemon, Athleta, Banana Republic and Anne Taylor. They’re all right here within a few walking block distance to check out.

Small Town Vibe

The next would be the small town vibe feel in Naperville when you drive into the downtown area, you’ll see it’s very cutesy with old vintage buildings and the covered bridges on the riverwalk. You really get this cutesy small-town vibe even though Naperville is the fifth largest town in Illinois. People are very friendly, you’ll go to the grocery store and people will chat with you and ask you questions. If you’re in a larger urban area, it’s definitely a different vibe and people may not be as friendly so it definitely has a small town vibe here in Naperville.

Public Schools 

All right, the next reason would be the public schools here in Naperville. There are two districts here in Naperville district 203 is ranked number seven in the state and Indian Prairie District 204 is ranked number nine in states. The public schools are top rated here and that’s a great reason to consider Naperville for your next home.

End of Summer Festival 

Then after the public schools, I would say another reason would be the end of summer celebration and it is the Naperville Jaycee’s Last Fling. It is held over Labor Day weekend as a four day celebration. It’s free admission to get in there’s concerts, carnival rides and it’s just a fun way to celebrate the end of summer and back to school time! 

Those are kind of my five reasons why you really should consider a move to the Naperville area for your next home. If you’re thinking about buying or selling please reach out to me. I’d love to help you! 

Tips for First Time Buyers! What should first time buyers look out for when buying a new Home?

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I’m going to give you my two tips that I always like to tell my buyers. There are two things you can’t change about that property that you’re thinking about buying. My name is Amy Pearson I am a realtor with @Properties, I am on the Lux Home Chicago team, we serve Chicago, downtown Chicago as well as the Naperville area, if you’re thinking about buying or selling please keep me a mind, I’d love to help you out.

My two tips I tell everyone that is a first-time buyer, which are the two things you can’t change about that property is location and the other one is the footprint. Okay, location I know you always hear location, location, location, but it’s 
true! If you find your perfect dream home and it’s 10 miles on the edge of town you can’t change that, it may be a perfect home but your commute may take longer, getting to the grocery store could take longer. Is that location going to fit your lifestyle for the next 5 to 10 years or however long you’re known that property? You need to keep that in 
mind because you can’t change location of that property.

The other thing you can’t change is the footprint. When i say footprint, I mean the square footage of the home so if you’re looking at a home that’s 2,500 square feet. You can’t change that footprint of your home unless maybe you buy a house and you do a addition later but really you’re working with 2,500 square feet. If you’re thinking of maybe growing your family or having additional pets is that footprint that you bought originally going to continue working for you for the next five to ten years? You need to think about if it will work for the lifetime that you own at home.  

Those are my two tips a first time buyers that you need to think about that you cannot change with that property when you buy it. Alright I’m Amy Pearson with @Pproperties please keep me in mind if you are thinking of buying or selling in the Chicago area.


Moving from Chicago to Naperville – Cost of Living in Chicago, IL VS Naperville, Illinois!

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I’m Amy Pearson with @properties. I am a realtor on the team Lux Home Chicago Chicago. And today I’m going to talk to you about the cost of living: Chicago versus Naperville, Illinois. If you’re thinking about making the move, I’ve done the research for you. So, you don’t have to do the research what the cost of living is. All right. So, I am Amy, realtor here, with @properties. I work with buyers, sellers, renters, as well as investors. I’d love to help you out. If you’re thinking about making a move to the Western suburbs or in the Chicago area, I work the downtown market as well. 

Here’s my research. This is 2021 numbers. It’s actually from June, 2021, according to numbeo.com. I did do the research. I didn’t just make these numbers up. All right. So, grocery prices in Naperville, Illinois are 19.4% lower than in Chicago, Illinois. So, your grocery bills would be a bit cheaper shopping in the burbs. All right. Restaurant prices in Naperville compared to Chicago are 5.48% lower than Chicago. 

grocery cart with item
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

A meal, if you’re to get an inexpensive restaurant in Chicago, would be about $17. In Naperville, it would be $16. So, a little… A dollar difference. What about a gallon of milk? Okay. A gallon of milk… This is June, 2021 numbers again. A gallon milk in Chicago was $3.13, and in Naperville it was $2.77. So, 11% cheaper. All right. What about gas? My mom used to always, “Make sure you fill up your gas in the suburbs”. And there’s a reason why people always tell you to fill up in the suburbs, your gas in your car. Chicago, a gallon of gas is $3.03. This is June, 2021. And in April it was $2.63. 13% cheaper to fill up in Naperville than in the city.

Childcare costs. If you’re wondering, if you have a young child, what will your childcare cost be? For childcare for full-day preschool, this is preschool, monthly amount, if you were to live in Chicago would be $1,400ish. If you were to be in Naperville, childcare preschool full-day would be around $1,100. So, it’s about 22% less. All right. What about the cost of living difference for apartment living? We’ll just do some basics: one bedroom in the city center. In Chicago, a one bedroom average in the center of downtown Chicago would be about $1,800. And in Naperville a one bedroom in the city center would be $1,500. So, 18% cheaper to rent in Naperville versus Chicago. And then price per square foot. To buy an apartment in the city center of Chicago versus Naperville, per foot in Chicago, it is $443. And then in Naperville, price per square foot, it is $191. So, it’s 56% less to buy an apartment in the downtown area of Naperville versus Chicago.

Those are some stats I thought you might find interesting on the cost of living in Naperville versus Chicago. If you’re thinking about buying or selling or making that move out to the suburbs, I’d love to help you out. I’m Amy Pearson with @properties. Shoot me an email at Amy@atproperties.com if you have any questions. Take care.

Chicago Real Estate Market 2021 – Where to buy in 2021? Looking for a Buyer’s Market in Chicago?

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I have gotten a few calls from people asking where should I buy now? I know the market is really hot but where would be a good place for an investment? Well, here is one of my tips for buying right now if you are looking for an investment property maybe, even a rental property. I have even gotten calls from people looking to buy a condo for their child that is going to start college in the fall.  

One market that you might want to think about is the Gold Coast in downtown Chicago. Why? Why are you thinking? Well there is an 11 months inventory. That’s right 11 months! Doesn’t mean a condo will be on the market for 11 
months, it just means if nothing new is added to the market, it would take 11 months for everything to sell. Compare it to a suburb, say Naperville it’s around one month inventory. Stuff is moving fast in the suburbs. Gold Coast it has 11 months inventory, it is a buyers market. So great place for an investor right now to look at is the Gold Coast!

Number 2 area that you can think about as an investment would be the South Loop area. The current month inventory for July 2021 is at 6 months. Technically 4 – 6 months is considered a balanced market. But it is at 6.1 
so it is ticking up there so South Loop is one to keep an eye on if you are thinking of buying an investment property.

Alright those are my 2 areas, tips for 2021 where you should think about buying an investment property. I’m Amy Pearson with @Properties, please keep me in mind if you are thinking about buying or selling

April Real Estate Newsletter

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34F4A833-9583-4BBF-9BDF-4CAD6BF13827Buyer’s Contingency 101

Buying a new home before yours is sold is tricky, but it’s not impossible. One way to do it is through a home sale contingency, where you make an offer on a home under the agreement that you will close only if your own home sells. When evaluating this option, here’s what buyers and sellers should consider.

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Amy Pearson

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Baird & Warner – Gold Coast


March Real Estate Newsletter

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The ABCs of Involving Children in the Home buying Process

When I talk to clients with families, I make a point of asking whether they want their children to be involved in the buying or selling process. If you’re getting ready to buy or sell a home, here are some ways you can engage the youngest members of your family.

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Amy Pearson

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How to Sell Your Home with a Baby

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As the spring real estate market is starting to heat up, there maybe homeowners who are thinking of selling their home but, are nervous about it because they have young children at home.  I have some great tips on how to prepare your home for showings if you have a baby or young children. Every time there is a showing done on your home, it needs to be as spotless and showroom ready for buyers as possible.

Living Room

If you living room looks like toyland, then you need to do your best to make it look like the living rooms you see in the Crate & Barrel magazines by removing all toys, blankets, and large baby accessories.  This is one of the first rooms that buyers will see and you need to have a good first impression on buyers by having this room look as close to the pictures they viewed online of your property.

Favorite Hiding Places 

I am including some my favorite hiding places I had when I was preparing to sell my home with a baby.  Place stuffed animals and small toys in a laundry hamper but only if it has a lid on it. If you have any extra pillows or a Boppy pillow in the nursery, a great hiding spot for those is behind the gliding rocking chair where no one can see them. Any large toy that can be folded down can be placed under the crib, under the bed in the Master Bedroom or tucked away. The truck of your car is another great hiding spot for any large toys that you don’t want taking up space during a showing of your home.  If you have dirty bottles or glasses, load up your dishwasher to hid them out of sight but don’t run it. Also, if you have any dirty blankets or towels place them in the washing machine at least 2 hours before the showing and let them stay hidden in there. By starting the washing machine in advance of the showing the spin cycle will be finished and won’t make any noises during the showing. Just don’t forget about your wet laundry in the washing machine because you may end up with moldy items. Another way to prepare for a last minute showing is to keep a large plastic bin by the front door and toss all the toys in the bin and take it with you in your car.

Where to go during Showings?

Here are some places you can take a baby or small child while buyers are viewing your home. Take your child for a quick car ride around the block possibly while you are exploring a new neighborhood that you would like to move to next.  If the weather is warm outside, take your child for a walk and go to your local park. If the showing is on the weekend, go to the grocery store, HomeDepot or visit a friend that lives near by.  An educational way to keep your child occupied would be to take them to your local public library and read a few books.

Selling your home with young children may seem like a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end weather your goal is to get more space for your growing family, be closer to extended family or have a yard for kids to play in.

Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast





Interest Rates Hit New 12 Month Low!

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Interest Rates Hit New 12 Month Low! | Keeping Current Matters

According to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey, interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage are currently at their lowest for 2019. Rates like these haven’t been seen since February 2018!

Last week’s survey results reported an interest rate of 4.35%. This is a welcome change from the near 5% rates seen in mid-November. At 4.32%, the second week of February 2018 was the last time rates were this low. This can be seen in the chart below.

Interest Rates Hit New 12 Month Low! | Keeping Current Matters

Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist, Sam Khater, had this to say:

“Mortgage rates fell for the third consecutive week, continuing the general downward trend that began late last year.

Wages are growing on par with home prices for the first time in years, and with more inventory available, spring home sales should help the market begin to recover from the malaise of the last few months.”

Bottom Line

If you plan on buying a home this spring, meet with a local real estate professional who can help prepare you for today’s market before rates increase!

River West Neighborhood Spotlight

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The River West neighborhood of Chicago at one time was more of an industrial area of the city and now many of those warehouses have since been converted into unique loft and condo buildings. There are also many townhomes, low rise condo buildings along with a few mid-rise buildings that have been springing up in River West. Recently the neighborhood has seen some changes with new high rise buildings being developed in the neighborhood including the spoke building .


This neighborhood is public transportation friendly and is ideal for downtown workers or for those who work in the West Loop.  Milwaukee Avenue runs through the neighborhood which many bike commuters use the bike lanes located on Milwaukee Avenue every day to get to their offices. The bike lanes recently had protection barriers added through River West to make biking safer through this neighborhood for those who use it daily. The Chicago blue line, #56 Milwaukee Bus and the #66 Chicago Avenue Bus are all located in River West neighborhood which makes getting around town by public transportation a breeze.

There are also a few great neighborhood restaurants including Windy City Cafe, Big Shoulders Coffee, The Dawson, Jerk Modern Jamaican, The Roost Carolina Chicken, the Iguana Cafe and Piccolo Sogno.

River West is a neighborhood that you should consider for your next home, because it’s close to public transportation and it has great restaurants. If you are thinking about moving to a new neighborhood in Chicago, this is a great neighborhood to consider. Please contact me at amy.pearson@bairdwarner.com if you are interested in buying, selling or renting in Chicago.

Amy Pearson

Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner – Gold Coast




February Real Estate Newsletter

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When ‘As Is’ Makes Sense for Buyers or Sellers

You see a listing for a home and it says “as is.” What exactly does that mean? Typically, “as is” signifies a home has issues that may need attention. This could be a good option for buyers or sellers.

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Amy Pearson

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